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No longer updating this blog (obviously) check out either the widgets for flickr updates or the BluPrintz Website for updates


Totally Top Shelf, Silly Seven Releases!

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Eira's Crown Ymir's Helm Ymir's Helm Ymir's Helm Ymir's Helm Slinky Necklace

October Exclusives

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Just in case anyone has missed it BluPrints is showing at the RMK Gothic this year with new October only seasonal releases. Get these witch hats while you can or wait until next year. There is also a gacha and a exclusive item for this event only. Check it out!

New things?

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Well I have to so I’m excited to be showing new things soon. Everything from heavily scripted attachments and fit mesh accessories. These things will be coming soon I just can’t post them until the events have come and gone. Until then though, I can show you what I do have done. 🙂

A half torso mannequin to display jewelry on available now in 6 colors. Check out BluPrintz in Secondlife to find one for yourself.

Still Around

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Sorry I’ve been trying to dutifully update this blog and as you can see my flickr feed is more active. I’ve been moving and attempting to prepare for events while working and preparing for a wedding. I’m keeping very busy! But I will try to make a collective post soon.

Crystal Cut Earrings

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Crystal Cut Carrings

My first attempt at a Gatcha product. It was something simple to pass the time until the Fantasy Faire started.

Those of you who want a great shopping experience or want to support RFL. Please head on over to the Fantasy Faire and enjoy yourself today. (but you may want to lower all your settings to avoid lag)

New Products!

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productTemplateSquare regproductTemptBig regproductTemptBig regproductTemptBig

I’m a little behind updating this. Going to just try to catch up in bits. For the most recent updates just check out my flickr where I even post WIP shots.

Elizabethian Style Ruff

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Elizabethian Style Ruff

One of the newest products I can post about is my ruff. A friend requested it for her projects, it’s Copy/Mod with shadow maps included. It also have a rigged and unrigged version for personal preference.

I’ll be sure to post my newest products once the event they are at is over.

Coming Soon

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Just putting together content to post here soon. Just a bit behind on getting this blog up and running with everything else I’m doing. ><